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Diversity heat-resistant material

In order to meet the need of heat reduction for houses in this hot summer, different kinds of  insulation materials have been provided such as plate steel insulation, roofing, plastic glass plate ...

The most popular heat preventing materials nowadays are steel plate. However, the biggest downside of these insulation materials is high heat absorption. To solve this problem, the manufacturer had coated a PU layer with 16mm of thickness under the 5-corrugated, 30mm height steel plate to prevent heat and bring back transparent effectiveness. Steel plate will reduce the electric usage compared to regular steel plate. Besides, steel plate also has ability of soundproofing, prevent the sound of raindrops, external noise and, especially fire protection. This product can be easily constructed and installed with high durability and aesthetics.

Not as durable as Pu coated steel plate, Onduline roofing, plastic fiber glass plate, PolyCarbonate sheet is also surveyed and purchased by lots of consumers. Ecological Onduline panels with outstanding circular corrugated features, made from synthetic organic fibers and plastic, are processed under high pressure and temperature, so the soundproofing and heat prevention ability are effective.

Plastic fiber glass plate has higher price than the others and reinforced with durable fiberglass, therefore,  it is slow-aging, weather resistant, insulated even in lightning, moisture and  rusticate ... Aside from to soundproofing, insulation, creating fresh environment to brighten the houses, since plastic fiber glass plate is also lightweight, transportation and construction is much ease.

Furthermore, in the market place, there are also thin foam plastic panels which are commonly called OPP or silver PE. However, numerous sellers recommend not to buy this kind of plastic because the heat and sound prevention is not high and durable. In addition, the previous types of heat-resistant foam and plastic ceiling tiles did not gain much attention from customers while they were used only in 4-graded houses or apartments which are quite popular at that time. In the contrary, these relatively inexpensive materials also have irreparable disadvantages such as poor fire resistance and rapid deformation under high temperature.

In terms of current market price, PU coated roofing panel is priced at 165,000 VND/m2. The plastic fiber glass has a higher price which is about 110,000 VND / panel. Styrofoam and plastic ceiling tiles are cheap, from 50,000 to 80,000 VND / m2.

Alongside the usual anti-warming materials, there are heat-resistant materials, such as insulated roofing under a metal roof, tile roof or an air bag which are quite effective. The insulated roofing manufactured by foreigners and made from cement, high quality cenlulo yarn and pure sand. Insulated airbags are organized by pure aluminum, which cover a plastic panels that contain airbags. The silver-colored aluminum helps to reflect heat and the plastic bag contains an air bag that prevents thermal conduction and heat dissipation.

In spite of  being expensive, there is another product that is used mainly in restaurants, eateries or in the luxury apartment which is the heat-resistant aqueous membrane. It was made from two thick glass panels that stand paralelly, with a small gutter on the top contains water,  at the bottom there is a subterranean tank or a floating tank, and a small pump that leads water from the bottom of the tank to the gutter with rapid flow which will bring up a cool feelings of the space. The kind this glass costs about 1 million VND/m2, the pump is 1.5 million VND/unit, the timer setting is 1.5 million VND/set.


Depending on usage and budget, with the variety of anti-heat materials in the market nowadays, comsumers have plenty of choices to prevent the heat for their homes.

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