Vietspace: also known as Vietspace, is used as air duct for ventilation, air conditioning. Soft air ducts for central air conditioning in buildings, apartment buildings, navigation systems in the shipbuilding industry.
1. Specification and advantages of the product
Vietspace Soft Seal Tube: 250mmWG (+ ve) 25mmWR (- ve), composed of 1 layer of aluminum, steel frame (without insulation) and insulation is a layer of aluminum, steel frame, refined
The heat resistance of the soft air duct is -30 ° C to 110 ° C (depending on insulation)
Due to its high elasticity, elasticity, flexible air duct and insulation can be installed at any position in the space of the project. Due to the ability to bend, corrugated, it is easy to apply according to the requirements of the equipment. need insulation, insulation.
The Vietspace soft winder can be folded easily so it is easy to transport, install and install.
The Vietspace insulated windscreen is used to ventilate, ventilate the air conditioning system with low and medium pressure, ventilate for high rise buildings, trade centers.
2. Soft duct classification
Soft air vent (Vietspace) used as air ducts for ventilation, air conditioning. The Vietspace is enclosed in a thick layer of aluminum imported from Taiwan. The interior is 25mm thick and has a density of 24Kg / m3 (or 32Kg / m3). There are many specifications from Ø 100 - 400mm, length 10m / tube. Central air conditioning system for buildings, buildings, shipbuilding systems ...
Flexible wind ducts are available in two types: one with Insulating Glass Insulation and one without insulation (without glass wool).
2.1 Slip-free glass type Vietspace insulation:
A soft, non-glassy soft wind duct is also called a soft air duct. Wide diameter: from 10 to 50 cm, with compression up to 90%.
Tube length: 8m
Temperature range from -30 [SUP] o [/ SUP] C to 100 [SUP] o [/ SUP] C
2.2 Type with grade
Air ducts with heat-resistant glass wool, also known as soft insulated wind ducts. It has a diameter of 10 to 45 cm.
Tube length: 8m
Temperature from -30 [SUP] o [/ SUP] C to 110 [SUP] o [/ SUP] C.
The Vietspace is 24kg / m [SUP] 3 [/ SUP] and 32kg / m [SUP] 3 [/ SUP], 25mm thick.

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