Product characteristics

Application of the product

Formwork is used for formwork in industrial, commercial and civil projects. Composite panels have many advantages compared to traditional formwork materials such as:

▪ Flat plank surface makes the concrete surface smooth, no need to plaster.

▪ Lightweight, easy to move and install, reducing labor costs and shortening construction time.

▪ Reuse many times, high economic efficiency.

▪ Extremely high strength, meeting safety in construction.

▪ Easy cut, easy to use.

Product characteristics

▪ The film is a Phenolic adhesive film that prevents water from penetrating into the surface with reduced scratches and reusability.

▪ The gut is made of Poplarg wood with high ductility, fast growth and usually white, light yellow or Hardwood - hardwood such as oak, dog, English ...

▪ Multi-layer laminated veneer board with Water Boiled Proof (WBP) for increased elasticity, hardness and ability to work in wet outdoor environment.

▪ Finished formwork made of Phenolic glue. Check the board quality by continuous boiling water in the water for at least 8 hours, if the board is separated, this is the type of board that does not use waterproof glue WBP.

Formed plywood with two main product lines: PlyCORE H and PlyCORE 

                  PlyCORE H                                                                                                                     PlyCORE P

Describe                                             Value                                         Describe                                       Value   
Size                                         1,220 x 2,240 mm                                Size                                 1,220 x 2,240 mm
Thickness                         12-15-18-21-25-30 mm                                Thickness                  12-15-18-21-25-30 mm
Tolerance                                          ± 0.5 mm                                    Tolerance                                   ± 0.5 mm
Water resistant                 glue100% WBP - Phenolic                              Water resistant           glue100% WBP -Phenolic
GutHardwood,                     type A +GutPoplar                                      type A +Type of movie
Dyney                                       brown                                                 Type of movieDynea
Quantify the movie                ≥ 120 g / m2                                           Quantify the movie                     ≥120 g / m2
Boiling time is not separable  ≥ 15 hours                                               Boiling time is not separable        ≥8 hours
Class separation force            0.85 - 2.0 Mpa                                         Class separation force         0.75-1.5 Mpa
Proportion                            ≥ 600 kg / m3                                          Proportion                          ≥ 500 kg / m3
Humidity                              ≤ 12%                                                     Humidity    ≤ 13%
Elastic Module EVertical:        ≥ 6500 Mpa                                             Gradient: ≥ 5500 Mpa Elastic Module E
Vertical Grade: ≥ 5500 MpaFiber load: ≥ 3500 Mpa                                Intensity curlingVertical: ≥ 26 Mpa
Weight: ≥ 18 MPaIntensity curling                                                         Vertical: ≥ 26 MpaWeight: ≥ 18 MPa
Squeezing the bowels120 tons / m2S                                                     Queezing the bowels120 tons / m2
Number of reuse times   7-15 times                                                       Number of reuse times  > 5 times

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