- Sound insulation, high insulation


- High temperature resistance: silver coated: -4oC -> 120oC, no silver coating: -4oC -> 350oC


- Density: 12kg / m3 - 16kg / m3 - 24kg / m3 and 32kg / m3


- Thickness: 25mm - 50mm


- Flameproof: A (Grade A)


- Moisture resistance: 98.5%


- Desiccant 5%


- small alkalis


- Eating over time is negligible


- Odourless


- Anti-fungal and bacterial


Insulated glass wool is made from synthetic glass fiber made from stone, slag, clay. . . The main components of glass wool contain aluminum, calcium silicates, metal oxide, ... do not contain Amiang; Highly insulating, soundproof, high insulation, fireproof, soft and very elastic. The basic benefits of fiberglass combined with aluminum panels and high heat-resistant plastic create a superior sound insulation product in either roll or sheet form.

Fiberglass is a very sound insulating material, extremely high thermal efficiency with non-flammable properties, no heat transfer, preventing fire spread, great elasticity. Certified for sound insulation, insulation, fire prevention:

Heat-insulating glass wool is very good heat insulation, sound proof; highly fireproof and durable. Glass wool can withstand temperatures from -4 ° C up to 350 ° C for aluminum coated glass wool and -4 ° C up to 120 ° C for uncoated glass wool.

Heat-insulated glass wool of various thickness and weight: 25mm, 50mm; 12kg / m3, 24kg / m3, 32kg / m3. Glass wool can be installed underneath the roofing sheet, on the top of the purlin, or inside of the sheeting.

Currently, glass wool is used for insulation - sound insulation for buildings, factories, offices, etc. And insulation systems in the civil and industrial refrigeration.


Glass sheet is used for heat insulation for house, workshop; Heat insulation and sound insulation, heat resistance for pipes in the refrigeration industry, kiln systems, boiler ... Glass wool has a wide application in the building materials, sound insulation, fireproof, anti Noise in the construction works such as soundproofing the bedroom, anti-hot corrugated iron roof, singing room, hall, hospital, school ... so where ever, more and more popular.

Heat-insulated glass wool for roof and wall

In recent years, the production and consumption of glass wool insulation and sound insulation is increasing because this product is not only used to replace ordinary asbestos but it is also very effective in anti-heat radiation against heat and noise. This is also a simple explanation that the climate is becoming hotter and hotter than the weather, not only sunny but also sultry and very dry, which has a great impact on human health. , the power consumption of heavy electricity in the house, especially whether you are in the house and turn on the air can not escape the feeling of hot stuffy. Therefore, the demand for insulating glass wool in civil works, large scale works is very high.

In addition, the density of population in big cities is increasing, the service activities are busy, creating noise around you can not focus on work. Or noise sometimes makes it impossible to sleep well after hours of tired work, then heat-resistant glass wool is the perfect choice for home and office work, buildings ...


Another great advantage of glasswool is that in any environment, such as air, water or other compounds, glass fiber will not change its properties. , not decomposed, absolutely will not change over the long term, only decomposed when encountered high alkaline environment, do not affect human health.

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