1. Advice: When Customer contacts via phone or sends support request through VIETSPACE website, Customer will be consulted about the product.
2. Order: When the Customer has selected the appropriate product, the Customer will proceed to place an order with VIETSPACE by contacting directly at HOTLINE: 0903852255 of VIETSPACE.
3. Contract conclusion: after Customer orders, VIETSPACE will contact and invite Customer to VPDD to sign a sales contract.
4. Payment: After the contract is signed, the Customer will make payment to VIETSPACE by cash or bank transfer according to the conditions and content agreed specifically between VIETSPACE and the Customer in the Agreement. copper.

  • VIETSPACE always considers the supplier an important link in its business chain, plays a very important position, contributing significantly to the success of VIETSPACE.
  • VIETSPACE's supplier policies help establish and maintain strong business relationships. We find our business relationships more useful and effective when built on trust, mutual respect and shared values, from which we seek relationships with our suppliers. the same commitment:
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  •  Always welcome qualified suppliers, good products, prices or good total cost of ownership, competition and look forward to long-term cooperation with VIETSPACE
  • Bringing quality into business processes.
  • All suppliers must have records maintained and updated regularly
  • The supplier's records must include at least the following: Company profile, catalog, CO / CQ, sales policy, sales process, major customers (of the supplier), supply characteristics, decision makers the highest decision of the company, the highest decision maker in the field of sales ...