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Understandings about the common insulating materials

Vietnam's average temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius. In the North, in the summer with the hottest temperature which can reach 39 degrees Celsius.  In the winter, the temperature can be lowered to 2-3 C, the discrepancy between the two seasons is huge. However, in the South, the temperature is pretty high throughout the year and high humidity makes the weather becomes uncomfortable. The use of insulating panels can overcome these temperature problems with the lowest cost.

In order to avoid the effect of temperature to our life, work and other activities, we have many options such as installing air conditioners, airfans, ... and economical options to create natural ventilation for the houses without using electricity such as using insulating steel panels, insulation materials such as insulation foam, insulation panel. Except reducing heat in the summer, insulation also helps to keep the heat in winter. However, each type of insulation has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as corrugated steel panel which has heat-absorbing problem but in exchange, it is lowly costed. About the problem, it can be solved due to insulating boards or panels with higher price. In order to clearly understand about the common insulation materials which are being used nowadays, Vietspace provides basic information to consumers. Aside from identicating the unique uses and applications of insulating materials in solving the thermal problems and decorating your houses. These are some common insulation materials.

This is the most popular option. Insulating panels are divided into the following categories:

Metal Insulating panel

In the marketplace, the most popular Metal Insulating panel is steel panel in industrial construction, fibro cement. The aluminum foil coating on the polyethylene plastic layer containing the airbags is the most common structure of these insulating panels.

The operating principle of metal insulating panels is based on thermal radiation prevention of the aluminum layer which limits the absorption and scattering of heat, the air bag prevents heat dissipation and heat conduction, therefore, the temperature difference between 50% - 60% is usual case. Aside from insulating in the summer and heat maintaing in the winter,these insulating materials also help in soundproofing, saving electricity costs, application in diverse places, different types of ceilings, especially, covering the car’s floors. Steel panel manufractured in Vietnam is cheap, neverthelss, the downside is high heat absorption. To overcome this, usually, under the the steel panel, covering a layer of PU or PVC insulation or PU next and then finally adding another steel panel layer.

Insulating glass wool


It is a widely used insulation solution in the industry. This product is used commonly in builing construction workshop in vacant real estate areas with outstanding advantages in preventing heat and radiation absorption and good in noise reduction. Insulated glass wool is an insulating material structured from fiberglass, non-chemicals and safe to use in a variety of forms, smooth, covered with aluminum or PVC plastic. Insulating wool used in industry is rarely used in basic construction such as housing construction.

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