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Choose an effective and cheap insulation material

 The drastical heat of the summer has already covered the North. If wealthy people select an expensive, high quality cooling products, then low-income, middle-income people are also in rush to choose the cheapest materials to cope with the heat.

The most popular product on the heat-resistant material’s marketplace nowadays is the steel plate which is cheap and easy to install. However, this type of product also has high thermal absorption. To overcome this problem, the  t9x  products are laminated with PU (polyurethane) with price from 120 - 150 thousand VND / m2 (color coated), 90 - 130 thousand VND / m2 (galvanized steel panels).


A product that has been selling pretty well in the this hot seasons of recent years is the insulated air bag. It is made of pure aluminum covered on synthetic plastic and contains airbags inside, including an external light silver layer which helps to reflect heat, while the plastic layer containing airbags inside will prevent the process of thermal conduction and heat dissipation. These products have advantages of fast constructing, high heat insulation and cheap price which is approximately 20 thousand VND / m2.


Though it is low cost, OPP panels, silver PE - are thin foam plastic panels - have insufficient heat, sound insulation ability, low durability, easy to be deformed when the temperature is high which might cause fire. Insulated glass wool, heat-resistant aqueous membrane, heat-absorbing balls ... are also chosen by consumers because the price is suitable which could be afforded by many families.


Along side with materials produced by new technology, the traditional and cheap heat-resistant products with rather good effectiveness and consumed by lots of people are eight-hole brick or U-letter brick, hourdis brick ... are laying ​​to limit the heat of concrete ceilings. Especially, in the market, there are some new kinds of high quality ceramic enamel-coated tile products in Vietnam and foreign countries with many out-standing advantages such as anti-heat, anti-noise, no moss as well as humidity, leaks.

For families living collectively or 4-grade houses want to deal with heat, renovate accommodation. Then, heat-resistant foam, plastic insulated ceiling tile are always a priority choice because the price is cheap and suitable for most of consumer’s pocket. The construction period is dramatically fast.

According to some advices from experienced architects, it is not necessary to use expensive products since it is unlikely that those products are as effective as other inexpensive ones. Consumers should try to avoid unnecessary waste.

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