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Choose heat-resistant materials for summer

Mentioning about the traditional materials against heat and thermal prevention in the construction, most people with needs of house builing and renovating will immediately understand that materials such as corrugated steel plate , multi-hole brick, improved building tile ... They are non-new materials but offer good summer’s heat resistance, especially, these materials are relatively inexpensive and suitable for people who are in need to renovate housing.


Aside from construction professionals’ handling methods, selection of appropriate materials also plays an important role. Mostly, for people who are in need, the first criteria is the limitation of electrical appliances usage to save costs and create a natural ventilation. Therefore, the methods of using traditional building materials have been considered and applied thoroughly.


Heat preventing for roof

One of the most common types of roofing materials is corrugated steel plate, but it also has disadvantage that is due to high heat absorption, it causes a muggy space. Manufacturers have overcome the problem by coating a 16 mm thick PU insulating layer underneath the 30mm height 5-corrugated steel plate for anti-heat and has yielded remarkable results. Heat resistance will reduce the electrical consumption compared to regular steel plate.


For example, a 30 m2 room usually requires two fans to cool the space. However,  using steel plate insulation, one fan is fairly enough. Plus, this type of steel plate can reduce soundproof, raindrops, external noise, especially, high ability to resist flow and increase the hardness of the roof for easy construction, installation, durability and high aesthetic.


Moreover, thanks to white chiseled decorative patterns of PU layer under the flat surface of the steel plate, it can be exposed as a decoration, not a ceiling. And if the house has already had a regular roofing, flat type covered with PU layer can be used to build the ceiling which not only prevents the heat from spreading but also creates aesthetics without need of the builing ceiling by other materials. Its  price is not too expensive, only about 120,000 - 165,000 VND / m2 depended on the thickness and type of steel plate.


Although it is not as durable as PU coated steel plate, materials such as Onduline roofing panel, fiber glass plastic panel, Poly Carbonate panel are also evaluated and bought quite a lot.

Onduline biological roofing panels with outstanding circular corrugated properties, made from synthetic organic fibers and bitumen are processed under high pressure and temperature. Hence, the insulation ability is very effective.


Unlike PU coating types, even though Onduline roofing panels are lightweight, smooth, they are durable and not affected by sea salt, hoar frost, storm and hail, electric insulating and secure in the lightning storm ... Neverthelss, since the price is equivalent (about 165,000 VND / m2), it is quite well-sold in the early days of summer.


Onduline layer

Plastic fiber glass is more expensive than the others (about 108,000 VND / panel 1.07 x 3 m) and reinforced with strong. Therefore, it has slow aging, against weather, insulated within lightning, non-humid and non-rusted ... Additionally, not mentioning about insulating, creating fresh environment and brightening the house, plastic fiber glass s panel is lightweight and easy to transport and construct.


Furthermore, in the market place, there are there are 3 to 5 mm thin foam plastic panels with “counterfeit” surface just like aluminum’s. They are called OPP or silver PE. However, numerous sellers recommend not to buy this kind of plastic because the heat and sound prevention is not high and durable. In addition, the previous types of heat-resistant foam and plastic ceiling tiles did not gain much attention from customers while they were used only in 4-graded houses or apartments which are quite popular at that time.

This is the type of anti-heat material which is suitable for the consumers. On the other hand, the construction time of this material could be reduced, only one day for a room with an area of 30 m2 with a price from 45,000 to 55,000 VND / m2.

In the contrary, these relatively inexpensive materials also have irreparable disadvantages such as poor fire resistance and rapid deformation under high temperature.


Many families want to prevent heat more effectively so they can directly paving multi-hole ceiling brick or U-letter brick, hourdis brick. The price of this traditional material is relatively cheap, about 2,200 to 5,500 VND / piece. These bricks are used directly on the concrete surface of ceiling and can be laid bare or ceramic.


Hourdis the anti-heat brick

In addition, users can use pottery-coated tiles, tradition or glass wool, mineral wool, airbag or special paint for heat and sound discard.

Insulated airbags are made of pure aluminum, which cover a synthetic plastic panel that contains airbags. Aluminum with light silver color helps to reflect heat, plastic layer containing air bag prevents heat conduction and heat dissipation. Besides, while the plastic layer contains air bag also prevents the transmission of sound, it also eliminates reflective sound waves in order to avoid echo due to uneven surface and unspecified shapes.

This is a new type of data, secure and friendly with working environment, energy saving for the brightening and air conditioning. Glasswool  insulation and mineral wool have common feature. Both of them can absorb heat and prevent conduction, refract heat to anti-heat field, souldproof and reduce raindrops sound. 


House’s anti-heat for surroundings and internality

The wall anti-heat materials can be commonly applied with the anti-heat glass and mineral wools. Both of these two types of anti-heat wools have abilities to absorb heat and prevent conduction, soundproof,…Glass wool is organized from fiberglass which does not contain Amiang and secure for usage. About mineral wool, it is made from the melting mineral mines stone, commonly used for insulating, soundproofing between walls. However, the disadvantage of this product is low durability, after being used for long period of time, it is easy to become aging and decayed which heavily affects to user’s health.


More diverse than any kind of wall paint, foreign imported ceiling coated for heat prevention products such as Knee, Litex, Vatex, Matex, Super Matex (Nippon), Levi-stex, Maxilite (UK). These types of paint have the price fluctuate from 300 to nearly 1 million VND / 20-liter barrel. However, consumers should be aware when buying this product because the market does not only sell house paints for indoors but also outdoors with anti-heat, anti-mold, waterproof ... along with much better price than the usual anti-heat paints.


At the moment, UPVC plastic is currently used as a material to minimize external heat radiation. With the outstanding insulation, this material is used instead of windows, doors, wood panels, aluminum in areas which are directly exposed to light in the house. Price of this material is ranging from 1.2 million to 2.000.000 m2


Although the market has quite a lot of products with many solutions for consumers to choose, consumers still need consultation from experts to achieve the highest efficiency.Furthermore, in order to use effective heat-resistant materials, it is necessary to creat more holes from the roof, air vents in the front and back of the room for heat exchange. Finally, the most important thing is creating a thermal escape path for the space under the roof for our the rooms and houses.

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