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Gypsum ceiling board warning
 Warning about the Gypsum ceiling board

 Along side with the anti-heat ability, decent decoration, cool and easy to construct or remove, Gypsum ceiling board also has others harms that consumers need to be aware of.


 Whenever entering the South part’s weather, the Gypsum ceiling board might cause some uncomfortable effects and include the multiple harms.


 This type of physical character is automatically combined, suspend the steam, until it reaches the suitable temperature (temperature from 20 to 25 degrees C) which leaks and drops down to the internal furnitures.



Many people thought that it is due to leaked, so they invested lots of money into waterproofing, but it was ineffective.

The leaked water has similar features to salt water, bitter, sticky and smelly. 

When the leaked water drops to the computers, screen (even TV, telephone have holes of heat scattering, it might cause corruption, damage which is costly and annoyed). If it is sticked to clothes, skin, it is very dirty and uncomfortable.

While sleeping upside down, if it drops into the eyes or mouth, it will be dangerous for health, especially, children.

In the current market, there are many lines of the these ceiling boards. In term of form, they are the same, however, there are types just like the mentioned category, there are types which are not and can be used securely.


It is recommended that expertises in builing and material fields need to consider a solutions to resolve, or limit the manufracturing, importing these types of builing materials.

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