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Using energy saving glass: new trend in building
Using Energy Saving Glass: New Trends in Construction (05/01/11)

At the moment, glass is a material that has special position in modern architecture because of its remarkable properties that other materials can not replace. However, using and exploiting the strength of glass material is not priority, sometimes it may cause negative counteraction. Some engineers have said that: "Using incorrect glasses make human life looks like the fish in the tank. Why not look for an advanced, environmentally-friendlly glasses just like other developed countries in the world and the regions that have already applied? ".

And, if relying on the statistics which point out more than 1 thousand construction works with the consumption of 1 million kWh or more per year, it could be seen that the urgent issue is to open the way for advanced energy saving materials to reach constructions sites. The question here is: Why energy-saving glass does not reach the construction sites? Reporters of the Construction Newspaper have sought answers from many perspectives: investors, contractors, designers, manufacturers - and especially enterprises in the Association of Vietnam Glass.

Mostly, all opinions are focusing on the topic about exploiting and using low-e glass in Vietnam - what is the resistance? What need to do to clear the path for Low - e glass to reach to our life.

Deputy of Prof Dr. Vu Khoa - Chairman of Vietnam Construction Contractor Association:

Contractor who are willing to support Low-e glass


Construction contractors always demand new materials such as Low-e glass. The Contractors Association has also received requests from members for general design and construction options to meet green project standards, reduce electricity consumption costs in the operation process which comply to Ministry of Construction’s regulation and the State’s law on this issue. It is the contractors who will convince investors to make the most use of the glass output for their projects. And of course, personally, I evaluate that the use of energy-saving glass products will be readily approved by contractors. In terms of information communication, the Association will positively support Low-e glasses to be widely introduced to all members.

Architect Do Khac Thang - Director of ATC Tay Ho Architecture Company:

Architect will have lots of "lands" for creative activity

The combination of usage between Low-e glass with other materials in the design phase is new solution to reduce energy in the building. For a long time, because of forced application  of regular glasses, energy is waste, we must measure wide space, direction of natural wind or objects reducing the aesthetics of the building. With Low-e glass, we have a lot of "acting grounds" to create architectural solutions for shapes and interior furnitures.

Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Chairman of International Association of VIGLACERA EXIM:

"Light-weighted" if it is a project using NSNN budget

It is certainly that not only low-e glass but also all types of energy-saving materials will encounter the lack of technical evaluated standards for payment of construction works. Hence, energy saving materials are very "light-weighted" when placed on "scales" with ordinary materials in the construction using budget and fund. As a commercial unit, it is regrettable that construction using foreign capital, private capital are actively deciding to convert construction materials if new materials "offer" much advanced, energy efficient,yet,  more expensive. I understand the constraints of the construction investing owner using the budget, they are only paid for materials that are listed in available category within the price unit, therefore, it is undoutedly that they are reluctant to use unofficial materials. Similar to the designers, if the production and trade units do not approach the introduction of new materials, they are unable to specify construction or give usage’s advice to investors.


Mr. Duong Nguyen Hung - Director of TECHCONVINA Company:

Need reasonable price


As a construction contractor, I think that the high price of low-e glass will not be easy to put into construction. The problem here is that manufacturers have to figure out the market penetration strategy, lower product costs. To become a main energy-saving materials among the energy saving materials, the first thing that investors and contractors should think of is not just the policy platform, the state enacted standards but also putting efforts into bringing products to the construction. Design consultant team has to give out specific question: If using Low-e glass, how much electricity will be saved then convert into money in specific amount of time (by year, month ...). By doing that, they will be able to convince us. Policies such as delayed payment of part of the contract based on the effectiveness of savings in stead of immediate payment without action’s evaluation is also a solution that I propose to include in the construction payment policy in order to expand the opportunity to use the Low-e glass widely.

Saint Gobain Glass Group (France):

Quality of life’s objective

Jean Yves - Saint Gobain (SB) representative in Vietnam said that it is all about quality of life and the ultimate convenience of users. Each country has a different climate, so there may be different standards, but the basic principle of glass standards is the same. Therefore, the glass industry of Vietnam should not eternally maintain its development progress with the current speed and vision, plus, it is not wise to underestimate standards of use of glass in inportant construction. Furthermore, it is recommeded not to be confused by the barrier of price, because there is one certain thing that if the investment is worthy, $10 today can turn into hundreds of dollars in the future. Vietnam glass market has different feature compared to other visited countries in one point: Glass enterprises only produce the types that is popular in the market and do not contribute to consumption orientation with positive and modern criteria. However, it does not mean that we do not think and move toward a brighter future for glass industry and marketplace, especially Vietnam’s energy saving glass...

Representative of Dupont Glass Corporation:

Safer for construction

At this point, the climate will change increasingly harsh, so if using more energy-saving glasses in the right place, at the right time, it will contribute to ensure the value of the project. Not to mention the compliance with the standards of construction glass in tall buildings will lead to the convenience of operation, exploitation ... Even with the category of higher quality glass than the Low-e glasses, energy savings with an appropriate design can gradually make buildings to open, welcome natural energy sources when it is possible.



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