In fact, Hoa Phat galvanized steel box has many applications, from the civil construction to industrial projects, mechanical, elevator system, cable system ...

The properties of the zinc surface of the galvanized steel box of Hoa Phat will slow the oxidation of steel, protect them for a long time. However, when exposed to the environment and corrosive substances, the amount of zinc will be reduced and the effectiveness of steel protection is reduced. Particularly acid rain will increase the speed of erosion and disrupt the zinc surface quickly.

1. Why choose Hoa Phat galvanized steel box?

Hoa Phat galvanized steel box is used in applications such as steel beams, roofing, steel pipes, nuts, bolts. Elevator system electric cable, handrail and some other applications.

- Hoa Phat galvanized steel box has a long life, over 60 years in normal installation and operating conditions. If used in harsh environments such as in contact with sea salt, acid, the effect of chemical elements, the choice of galvanized steel box is a right choice.

Thép hộp mạ kẽm Hòa Phát

Hoa Phat galvanized steel box

2. The functions of Hoa Phat galvanized steel box

With hot dip galvanizing technology in accordance with JIS G3466 standard of Japan, galvanized square steel box and galvanized steel box with high surface resistance, corrosion resistance, good erosion Construction works near the sea.

3. Outstanding advantages and features

- Bright surface.

- Unlimited length.

- Products widely applied in industry, interior and exterior.

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